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Sale prices of homes in Malad East have improved: Mumbaikar’s it is time to do advance booking for a flat

Often buyers stick to their comfort zone rather than make the effort to move to other areas.

Often buyers stick to their comfort zone rather than make the effort to move to other areas. In Mumbai most people like to stay close to their workplace due to traffic, time constraints and soaring prices. However, the slowdown in property market has thrown open a new spotlight. The sale prices of homes in Malad East are improving. For the season’s first spring festival of Holi, it is the best time to do advance booking for a sweet 1 bhk in Malad East.

There are very distinctive real estate companies in Mumbai which offer flats in Malad. This suburban section is opening up for affordable housing projects. The sale prices are likely to surge as demands grow in this area.

Look beyond the pond

It took a long time for people living in South of Mumbai to shift to the extended suburbs. They were so used to the town areas. But space constraints, growing families and weak infrastructures made them move to other areas. For a couple of decades, Malad is the new hub for BPOs, restaurant business and commercial offices. The region has morphed into a huge place where not only old Mumbaikar’s but also immigrants have taken up spaces. The area’s close proximity to Andheri east and west make it ideal for home buyers.

Make a smart move

The location is important when it comes to buying a house. As sale prices for 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats in Malad East have become realistic, it is a good option for senior citizens to move here. You need to be proactive and taken advantage by doing advance booking for a home in a high rise residential complex. The ROI potential works in any business. Builders do a through research as they have a huge capital investment at stake. The ones who have started projects in Malad east know how the area is bound to grow in the next decade. They have already researched, now it is your turn to make the smart move.

When you move into the Malad east zone the advantages are:

  • Homes being built with top quality construction material by reputed real estate companies in Mumbai.
  • Luxury features are clear in the apartments-what you see, you get.
  • Market values keep changing every decade, making quality of home values last longer.
  • Professionals have the opportunity to invest in creative start ups from a spacious home frontier in a 2 bhk in Malad east.
  • Commercial spaces make the area lucrative for big and small traders.
  • Homes are fitted with smart apparatus and amenities which appreciates the value further.
  • Décor and design of various rooms of each home are fitted with branded materials.
  • Home loans are easily available for areas like Malad east by private and public lenders.
  • Dynamic pricing of top grade projects makes it easy to invest in Malad east, Mumbai.

It is time to look beyond the pond and break the piggy bank, before the spotlight becomes harsher and affordability is out of reach.

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