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Investment guide to renting your home in Chembur

Home values appreciate, so what is the big deal in rise of property buying in Chembur?.

Home values appreciate, so what is the big deal in rise of property buying in Chembur? In Mumbai, where real estate is at a premium in every corner, many buyers try to capitalize on investing for renting. There are many nuclear families who need a comfortable level of staying before they can afford their own homes. An ideal investment of a 1 bhk in Chembur west comes with the appreciation of this hotspot area in Mumbai. Although there are plenty of residential projects from several real estate companies in Mumbai, a buyer needs guidance.

If the investment is from the purpose of rental, flats in Chembur seem to be a sensible option. This blog tries to clarify the reasons why renting can yield return on investment.

Proximity to diverse workplaces from Chembur

1 bhk in Chembur

The above routes cut travel time which is so important to Mumbaikers who need to reach offices on time. The primary driving force for home buyers turning their compass in this direction is due to affordability and friendly on EMI options. Other than that, home values here are most sought after, as there are shorter commutes to places of utilities. There are different measures that people check when they invest in real estate in this part of the city, especially when it comes to going to work in different areas. Now many people work in BKC. Lower Parel and Andheri areas as MNCs have shifted their HQs from Nariman Point in South Mumbai. Chembur is now considered as a very prime location to live in as this area has good connectivity. Buying a home to rent out is a perfect idea for a smart buyer. The area is very safe for families with young children. Earlier the only disadvantage this area had was a series of very narrow roads. Traffic congestion deterred people from choosing homes here. As commercial spaces around have emerged, the future of the area is better. Fully developed roads have increased with many developers constructing residential projects here.

Affordable residential projects

Overall, development of real estate investment in India has changed the skylines in many areas. Better raw materials, technology for making complexes with amenities and latest facilities fuel the needs of buyers. As Mumbai grows, the older generation of homes are being replaced with better living spaces. Previous 1 bhk is now being turned into 2bhks. The skyline of Chembur has changed. The biggest indicator is the number of residential complexes that have sprouted in and around this region. There is a rise in apartments which are attractive to investors. It takes decades for an area to develop. This is one area that has changed face with moving times. The population has doubled and the umber of immigrants have also increased. The economy has allowed the growth of the region with high grades of residential colonies. Getting a suitable 2 bhk Chembur west will increase the appreciation. The new international airport slated to come up in Navi Mumbai will add to home values.

Chembur will continue to remain the gateway for slipping out of the city for long weekends for many residents.

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