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Investing in a Retirement Home in India

When you are young and rearing to go, there are times when you think nothing can or will stop you from achieving all that you dream about..

When you are young and rearing to go, there are times when you think nothing can or will stop you from achieving all that you dream about. You may dream about and also manage to create a perfect world for yourself, in a lot of instances away from your home, in a country that had better prospects for earning and saving money. While there is nothing wrong in choosing to move out of the country for greener pastures, it is important that you have an anchor back home, which why a lot of NRIs choose to buy from among the flats for sale in Mumbai. There are a lot of valid reasons why you should choose to give a thought to making a property investment in the country that you grew up in

One of the most important and practical reasons why you should consider investing in a house in India even if it is a small 1BHK flat in Mumbai, is because they house can earn you an extra income. With the value of exchange, your investment will not be too expensive for you to manage, but the rental yield of up to 3% can add up to a substantial amount as a retirement fund when you want to finally move back to your own country and live in your own cosy home.

Emotional Connect:
When you decide to invest in apartments for sale in Mumbai or other cities of the country, you can make sure that you do not entirely snap the chord. Owning a home in the country makes for a reason to return when you are finally tired of the hustle and satiated with the hard work that you did all your life. You can keep your emotional connect alive by investing in a home in the country that you can truly call your own and a country that will welcome you whenever you decide to come back.

Cost of Living:
When you are in retirement mode it makes sense to keep a watch on the cost of living no matter where you live. If you decide to make a comparison, Mumbai, which is known to be an expensive city, still has a lower cost of living as compared to many other major cities across the globe. As an example certain studies suggest that the cost of living in a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai can be nearly 65% lower than the cost of living in countries like United States.

Finally, it is wise to consider real estate investment in India because it is a commonly known fact that the healthcare industry in India is highly evolved and extremely affordable for people from other countries. While people seek to lead a healthy life, the fact that you may need healthcare after retirement cannot be denied. Having a home in a country like India with some of the best doctors in the world can be a boon for anyone.

These are only a couple of reasons why people living outside India should think about investing in a retirement home in their own country.

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